driptec irrigation solutions

Our irrigation products are diverse, covering a wide range of solutions from sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, irrigation for fruit trees, field crops to greenhouse or landscape irrigation.


You are looking for the most suitable irrigation solutions?

Because each type of crop, each climatic condition, terrain, farm size, or even financial condition can have corresponding irrigation solutions. Therefore, together with you, we can analyze and choose the irrigation solution that best suits the crop requirements as well as your conditions.

What we can do?

First of all, Driptec is a company that R&D, and produces professional irrigation equipment. Besides, with over 10 years of experience participating in irrigation projects, we can perform works related to surveying, consulting, designing and installing irrigation systems.
In addition, we have a team of agronomy and project analysis experts who can support you in investment decisions and crop project implementation.



Driven by the specific needs of growers from around the world, our innovative products are designed to give you increased accuracy, control and uniformity. Across the range. From system heads to connectors. So you can grow better yields every year.

Green house drip irrigation solution

With greenhouse irrigation, the solutions that can often be applied are drip stick irrigation, dripline or cooling mist irrigation.
If you are growing your plants in substrate bags, the most effective solution will often be to use a drip stick.
If you plant directly in the soil bed, drip tubes will prove to be a more effective solution.
Mist irrigation is also commonly used to control humidity and temperature in the greenhouse.

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Stream dripper

Mini sprinklers irrigation solution

Irrigation solutions using mini sprinklers are commonly used for irrigation under the canopy of fruit trees, or sprinkler irrigation to cover evenly.
For large irrigation projects or in steep hilly areas, we encourage the use of sprinklers with pressure compensation (PC) function to ensure uniformity in all areas.
The mini sprinkler irrigation solution ensures saving water, increases soil moisture and makes it easy to observe and control the irrigation system effectively.

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Row crop drip irrigation solution

Vietnam is a country blessed by nature, so many large-scale crops are grown, typical examples include Sugarcane, Cassava, Corn, Tobacco…
We develop thin, affordable drip tube products to serve these crops on a scale of thousands of hectares.
Driptec products balance factors including product quality, operational stability, and effective investment costs.

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