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Driptec Micro Sprinkler

The Driptec Micro sprinkler is researched and produced based on the watering needs of many Vietnamese farmers who grow trees on steep hills and where water is scarce.
From this point, we also believe the product will be suitable and meet most of the fruit irrigation needs that millions of growers globally are applied.
The product is made from 100% virgin plastic combined with UV resistance, corrosion resistance, and chemical resistance.
Driptec sprinklers are especially suitable for watering under fruit trees canopy.
Some important features of the irrigation nozzle:
  • Compensate Pressure (PC) feature
  • Anti-insect intrusion feature
  • Irrigation radius adjustment feature
In addition, the Driptec sprinkler is modernly designed and easy to assemble. The product is sturdy and can last up to 10 years.
Crop Type
  • Orchards
  • Field crops
  • Flat Topography
  • Hilly Topography
Expected Product Lifespan
  • 10 years and more
Pressure Compensation
  • PC

Driptec Micro Sprinklers Specification

  • Connection: 5/8″ male thread
  • Flow rate: 40l, 50l, 100lph
  • Wetted daimeter: 1m – 8m

Why Driptec Micro Sprinklers?

  • Multi function: PC, range limited, anti ant
  • High quality plastic
  • Durable
  • High uniformity
  • Variety application

The most suitable application

For Fruit tree Canopy Irrigation

For Fruit tree Canopy Irrigation

Irrigation under tree canopy requires a flexible sprinkler with the ability to adjust the radius. When newly planted, the trees only need a watering radius of less than 1m, after 1-3 years the watering radius may to reach 3-4m.

For Hill area

With the pressure compensation feature, Driptec micro sprinklers are a great idea for applying irrigation models on sloping land. With self-pressure compensation, uniformity is maintained when there are differences in altitude and pressure.

Big farm project

Big farm project

Large irrigation projects can often have large pressure differentials between different irrigation locations. Driptec pressure-compensating sprinklers can eliminate the effects of differences in radius and irrigation water flow.


Technical Sheet

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