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Driptec PVC layflat hose

Driptec PVC layflat hose are specialized for agricultural irrigation, ensuring durability, strength, high pressure resistance, and flexibility.

General information

  • Normal size: 2.0″, 2.5″, 3.0″
  • Color: blue (working pressure 4.0bar); black (working pressure 6.0bar); red (working pressure 8.0-10.0bar)
  • Package: roll 50m; roll 100m

Expected Product Lifespan

  • 5 years and more


  • Mainline, sub mainline for irrigation
  • Pump hose, and other application

Product Type

  • PVC Layflat hose


  • Flexibility
  • High pressure resistance

Why Driptec PVC Layflat hose?

  • High quality
  • Wide applications in agriculture irrigation: pump hose, drip irrigation, moving sprinkler irrigation
  • Lifespan can be up to 5 years
  • Light weight, compact and flexibility in use
  • Various options: size from 1″ – 4″, pressure from 4bar (Standard Duty) to 6 bar (Medium Duty) and 10 bar (Heavy Duty).


Driptec layflat hose 2.5 inch 4bar

Standard duty. Working pressure 4.0bar

with pressure resistance at 4.0bar; broken pressure up to 15bar. This hose is widely apply as the sub-main-line in lateral drip irrigation.

Driptec layflat hose 2.5 inch 6bar

Medium duty. Working pressure 6.0bar

with pressure resistance at 6.0bar; broken pressure up to 21bar. This hose can consider to apply both for drip irrigation, main line, sub main line, or pump hose…

Driptec layflat hose 2.5 inch heavy duty 10bar

Heavy duty. Working pressure 10.0bar

This hose can work with working pressure 8-10 bar, and broken pressure up to 30bar. The hose mostly apply in big rain gun irrigation or hilly pump hose.


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