Drip irrigation products

When you are interested in drip irrigation products, you are caring for water use efficiency as well as water resource protection and sustainable development.
Driptec spent more than 10 years researching and experiencing the effectiveness of drip irrigation compared to other irrigation solutions, through which drip irrigation solution are always superior in almost every aspect.

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Drippers, driplines and more

Any crop. Any topography. Any climate. Any soil. Anywhere.

Farmers across the globe are undergoing a profound change in their lives due to the implementation of drip irrigation. This revolutionary method not only boosts crop productivity and yield, but also promotes the conservation of water, fertilizer, and energy resources.

Irrespective of the prevailing growth circumstances, farmers can expect consistently improved harvests and increased yields year after year, thanks to the utilization of the highest quality and remarkably durable drippers and driplines ever engineered.

Driptec Soft PE 3x5mm

Dripii dripper

Driptec branching adaptor

Driptec stream dripper


Dripline is usually a type of tube that has in-line emitters built into the tube wall at a predetermined distance by the manufacturer (for example, every 20cm there is an emitter attached).
Dripper is often understood as on-line dripper, they are used to attach on LDPE pipes at any distance decided by the user.

Choosing a pressure-compensated (PC) or non-pressure-compensated (None PC) dripper/emitter depends mostly on the requirement of uniformity.

When there is a difference in pressure between drippers/emitters (possibly due to terrain conditions or the location of the nozzles relative to the water source), the water flow will change.

In case you need high uniformity and accuracy, you should choose a PC one.

The tube wall thickness basically determines the durability of the dripline against phenomena that can cause damage such as water pressure in the tube, the process of pulling and moving the tube, and weather conditions.

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