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In many cases when you water fruit trees, vegetables or lawns & landscapes, Micro sprinkler Irrigation is the right solution. Micro sprinklers can effectively water most of the above mentioned plants, even on large farms or in sloping hilly areas.
micro sprinklers

Micro sprinkler

Any crop. Any topography. Any climate. Any soil. Anywhere.

Similar to drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation is also very commonly applied, they can be applied to all types of crops, all weather conditions and terrains.
Spray irrigation with micro sprinklers, not only saving water, but also helps improve the sub-region's climate, giving plants a better growing environment.

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Driptec micro sprinkler


Choosing a pressure-compensated (PC) or non-pressure-compensated (None PC) sprinklers depends mostly on the requirement for uniformity of irrigation flowrate.

When there is a difference in pressure between sprinklers (possibly due to terrain conditions or the location of the nozzles relative to the water source), the water flow and radius will change.

In case you need high uniformity and accuracy, you should choose a PC sprinkler.

The choice of flow-rate is often influenced by:

  • Pipe size
  • Pump capacity
  • Farm size
  • Irrigation channel/valve division
  • Ability to absorb water (depending on soil quality)
  • Other condition as wilds, evaporation, terrain, type of tree...

Therefore, choosing how much flow-rate needs to consider and analyze specific factors. Please contact Driptec so we can give you more accurate suggestions.

Micro Sprinkler irrigation is commonly applied when watering under the canopy of fruit trees, watering densely vegetables, or lawns.

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